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In Utah, a partition that separates the patrons of a bar from the bartender and prevents drinks from being passed directly from the place where they are mixed to the customer.
The name comes from "Zion," a reference to the LDS (Mormon ) Church whose prohibitions against drinking alcohol heavily influenced Utah's liquor laws.
Because the bar that she tended at had a Zion Curtain, Sarah had to walk around to the other side to hand every customer their drink. It was a pain in the ass, but at least it was good exercise.
by Pete Theroux August 16, 2011
A feeling of intense, almost sexual, joy that a nerdy person gets from something that people on the Autistic Spectrum usually love, such as trains or weather.
On the TV show, "The Big Bang Theory" the character Sheldon frequently has Aspiegasms about geeky things.
When I offhandedly mentioned to Brian that my train was in the middle of the road, he had a total Aspiegasm, squealing "Ooh, street running! Take a picture, take a picture!"
by Pete Theroux January 02, 2012

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