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One of the pioneers of the online hip-hop community.
Ghetalion has been around for a long time.
by Pete Rock July 16, 2004
Another word for ghetalion.
G-Mighty, possible and likely to ignite your insight and life quite nicely.
by Pete Rock July 15, 2004
Another definition for ghetalion
G-Tal will never stop.
by Pete Rock July 15, 2004
A synonym for ghetalion.
Ghet's holding it down.
by Pete Rock July 15, 2004
The history of sampling comes from African Americans who gave up on their cultural history on playing wonderful music and began to steal other people's music to claim it as there’s.

- The act of stealing music to claim as your own.
When people told him he was sampling good music, he got excited and considered himself a great producer.
by Pete Rock July 14, 2004
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