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adj. - The quality of being in the way. - With a negative connotation (suggesting or implying "unjustly" obstacular or obstacular due to incompetence). Usually referant to a human being, but can also apply to an inanimate object, such as an obstacular car driven by an ill-willed or incompetent person.
Middle manager, Fudley, was obstacular to my progress up the company ladder; he was selfishly and personally motivated and utilized "dirty" tactics.
by Pete Pearlman June 23, 2006
A dog that is unpredictably or usually vicious with other dogs, but gets along well with people. This is a trait common to many terriers.
Don't let your dog get too close to Scruffy; he may look cute and friendly, but he can snap as soon as he's close enough; he's caninopathic.
by Pete Pearlman May 28, 2010

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