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Schnable,Schnabel- pron. (Shh-N'a'-Bull)- Of German Jewish origin. Has two meanings in Yiddish A) teller of tall tales and B) Heyy. In English it is describing a man with a horseshoe haircut, suffer from unusual panic attacks, a strongly stubborn individual, eats cereal in a bag with milk poured in it, smells funny or odd, works for free but complains to others that he's broke, claims to have killed a bear with his bare hands on a NJ highway (route 23 to be exact), Froze to death and was revived, stabbed in the heart and was supposd to die but didn't, frequently telling tall tales,often blurts out "HEYY" at any given moment, is thought to suffer from a manic mental disorder, is also rumored to have super powers. It is believed that his powers are : being able to panic on site, jump 3 1/2 feet high straight up in the air with arms totally motionless, shit on command, has a set number of lives (ex. 9 lives). It is also speculated that when he uses his powers he loses his hair.

Short phrases: Schneebs, Schneeblee, HEYY, Neebs, Neeble, Schnana.
Ex. 1
"Customer: Sir, i need help with a printer.
Associate: What did you need to know?
Customer: Does this printer come with a fax machine?
Associate: HEYY!!!
Customer: Excuse me?
Associate 2: Dude you just pulled a Schneebs!

Ex. 2

HEYY, guys I'm Nick Schnabel!

Ex. 3

Man who u fink you are, Schnable?

Ex. 4
Ready when Schnable!
by Pete Oosin August 07, 2009

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