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A woman who is beginning her period without wearing a pad or tampon and leaves some red on her panties. Can also be used for a man: the act of pushing out a fart and drawing mud, leaving a small stain on your drawers. Similar to touching cloth, or skid marks.
Layne was priming his bowels for a huge dump when he ripped ass and inadvertently started spotting.

"I better get to the head, I think I'm spotting!"
by Pete North February 15, 2005
Someone who is generally inoffensive and nice but lacking in common sense or intelligence.
He/she is a bit of a dolls head.
by Pete North July 27, 2004
Usually performed by defecating in someones toilet other than your own. Then you carefully leave the bathroom and look for somewhere else to wipe. The next person in the bathroom is stunned to see the "orphans" in the toilet. May also be tastefully displayed by first lining the toilet water with carefully folded toilet paper, thereby ensuring your orphans won't drown.
After the golf game I poached in Dr. Hook's bathroom and left an orphan for him.
by Pete North February 03, 2005
The act of trying to rip a fart during a presentation to others and taking it a bit too far, ending up with a small pile of stool.
Sammy was in his buddies room and was going to execute the classic "bare ass spread clinch" fart when he drew mud all over his roommates chair!
by Pete North February 15, 2005
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