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4 definitions by Pete Larson

another way of saying definitely.
Brian: you commin over tomorrow?
Pete: oh, fo def.
by Pete Larson July 30, 2006
Where you do nothing but smoke weed all day.
Pete: you commin over today?
Steve: na, im bout to sit inside all day and have an extravaganja.
by Pete Larson September 29, 2006
not serious
opposite of fo serious
1: I'm gay.
2: are you serious?
1: yea I'm faux serious.
by Pete Larson February 01, 2008
A slang word for gay or lesbian.
Leah: I went to the L word premiere.
Pete: Yea, how was it?
Leah: It was full of HMOs.
by Pete Larson August 07, 2006