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A term used to describe the popular sports bar Buffalo Wild Wings. Also called BW's, BW3's, or the place with the hot bartenders.
Person 1: Man lets go to b dubs

Person 2: yeah i wanna have some blazin' chickin' wings that give me the shits!

Person 1: yeah and then we can wash it down with drinks until we get waisted!

Person 2: And then Drive!

Both: Fuck Yeah! (high fives are exchnged)
by Pete Hovl October 19, 2006
A CD series which began in 1995 with Jock Jams vol. 1. This peice of crap released by ESPN included tracks like Whoomp! There It Is by Tag Team and Uh, Ungawaa! by Various Artists. The final CD in this series was creatively titled vol. 5 and was released in 1999. It included songs just as horrible as the previous volumes including Miami by Will Smith and You Ugly by The Jock Jams Cheerleaders. This series has been described as the worst music collection ever released.
Jock: Hey i like to read sports illistrated and beat off while listening to jock jams!

Other jock: Hey i love jock jams! I'll beat off with you!

Jock: Whoomp! There it is!
by Pete Hovl October 20, 2006
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