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A combination of a "fairy" and a "fag." The term is not as ubiquitous, and therefore not considered to be as offensive, as either root term, but is mostly usable as a substitute for either in its own connotations.
Beastor-X: What's with you wearing that wig all the time, are you some kind of fairg?

Switchblade: Uhh, shut up dude, you're the fairg!
by Pete Calleri September 11, 2007
The perpetual and unfailing insanity ("i") of females of all ages, races, creeds, colors, religions, sexual orientations, and other dispositional differentiators, without exception.
"Man, 100% of girls are just crazy. Every last one of them, I swear."

"Dealin' with some of that i-factor lately?"
by Pete Calleri February 08, 2008
(adjective) Worthwhile; perceived as possessing some value or significance by another party.
The types of people who would resent you for your salary are not worth-a-dang people.
by Pete Calleri June 17, 2008
Lacking veracity, told as an untruth or in a joshing manner. As opposed to for breakfast. Synonym of for dinner.
Greg Warner: I wrote this song.
Joseph McIlhaney: Oh, for breakfast?
Greg Warner: No, for joke. But I did write a substantial portion of the modern pop catalogue, for breakfast.
by Pete Calleri April 22, 2010
Not in actuality; deceptively spoken. Stated either with irony or as part of a ruse. As opposed to for breakfast. Synonym of for joke.
Pancake Master: I'm the Pancake Master.

Bubble King: Oh, for dinner?

Pancake Master: No man, for breakfast (of course)!
by Pete Calleri April 21, 2010
In actuality; truthfully spoken. Stated without irony or any intention of deception. As opposed to for dinner.
"I don't even have a mobile phone."

"Oh, for breakfast?"

"Yeah, for breakfast--never had one."
by Pete Calleri April 19, 2010

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