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249 definitions by Pete

A woman's labia, usually one that hangs out and smells rather vivid.
Her fishy flaps could be smelt as soon as I walked into the room.
by Pete November 15, 2004
36 15
The sound a trombone with a mute makes. The trombone often being played by a man with sunglasses and a berret. Two consecutive notes in a row, the first being higher than the second. Only used when someone does something dumb.
"Hahaha, that fucker backed into the car! Waa-waa!" or "You blew bong juice all over your pants! Waa-waa!"
by Pete April 21, 2003
36 15
A greasy haired loser who thinks he's welcome in our pub.
Fuck off Cuntface, nobody likes you
by Pete February 25, 2005
74 54
n. type of footwear (New Zealand use)
see also flip flop
"those are some mighty fine jandals mate"
by Pete January 20, 2004
26 6
Lantec's desk that cost him 10k to build on the Hard|OCP forums.
Did that (whatever) cost 10k?
by Pete July 24, 2003
31 11
a style of jewelry be it neck chain or braclet
yo let me peep that cubanlink chain of yours
yo run your cubanlink chain
by pete November 27, 2004
26 8
The horrible, cheesy substance that forms on the head of your penis. A good excuse for girls not to give you a blow job. See smegma.
I literally had to scrape the bell end cheddar off today. Guess I should have washed myself more often...
by Pete May 18, 2005
26 9