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shooting it in a nasty girl's ear and having her wax float to the top, looking like corn flakes
I gave her corn flakes for her birthday.
by pete November 04, 2003
A bunch of old people who goes down to the shore for vacation.
Look at the old bastards walking around Cape May with their sweaters around their neck.
by pete February 18, 2005
to have your feelings hurt
The fat girl would catch feelings whenever we threw hot dogs at her.
by Pete February 27, 2005
1.) a form of southern ragtyme piano playing, 2.) the sound one makes while squeezin' boobies; both are used by extreme rednecks
"Hey, flip the switch on the self playing piano. I wanna hear me some drinkin' music!"

"Hey, baby! Come on over and we's have a honky tonkin good time!"
by Pete October 07, 2003
Tippin means ridin or rollin slowly in your car. It has nothing to do with swerving from side to side, thats flossin or swangin. thanks for playing.
did you see that punkass tippin down southle?

yeah lets swerve on him
by Pete June 15, 2006
A maniac driver who overtakes on blind corners.
That suicide jockey has his days numbered.
by Pete November 10, 2004
the worst possible thing one can be.
the type of person that saw the anti-drinking or drugs propaganda videos made in the 50s and takes them seriously
Man did you see that dude, he was such a gerry

Jack's not drinking tonight, he's being a gerry
by pete February 17, 2005

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