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Major League Baseball in the U.S. is the dominant baseball league on the planet, and the best baseball players from all over the world play in this league - the World Series is named to identify the best baseball team in the world for any given baseball season.
It is unlikely that any baseball team in the world could have beat the Red Sox this past season.
by Pete January 12, 2005
short for refer, pot, and marajuana
Hey, I just scored some nice green R.
by Pete February 04, 2005
a white guy (spanish)
Look at bolio trying to act black.
by Pete February 09, 2004
An impractical machine used for combat purposes. Appearing in almost every anime, they are seen as all-powerful robot suits that are usually piloted by humans. In real life, a mech would be powerless. Due to inefficent legs and humanoid look, a mech would be an easy target, and once the legs are taken out, the machine's impracticality is exposed.
While many nerds are constantly seen raving about Megazord or Zoids one of those filthy excuses for weaponry could be taken down by a modern fighter plane.
by Pete January 13, 2004
A very large, expensive and FUCKING SHITE school in the North East of England in the land of Charvas.
"How man, isnt BCC so crap!"
by Pete November 21, 2003
to be exhusted
"i was stuffed after that run"
by Pete January 20, 2004
(noun) the act of getting pleasure out of procrastinating
I spent so much time procrasturbating that I never even did my essay.
by Pete November 02, 2002

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