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Having to do with a female hair cut whitch is short on top and sides and long in the back.Also a female mullet
Did u see that chicklet
by Pete April 29, 2004
Hessian is a loosely weaved, strong fiber material similar to burlap.Used mainly for carpet backing.
"That carpet is so worn the hessian is showing through"
by Pete June 04, 2004
Hank is a root beer sold in Nab One Stop in my town. It is the illest root beer known to mankind. SO since Hank is a funny word and all, you say Hank after each time you cough after a diesel rip of chronic stash.
Quote for using Hank - "COugh!, Hank! That was a diesel rip off the binger."
by Pete April 03, 2005
Major League Baseball in the U.S. is the dominant baseball league on the planet, and the best baseball players from all over the world play in this league - the World Series is named to identify the best baseball team in the world for any given baseball season.
It is unlikely that any baseball team in the world could have beat the Red Sox this past season.
by Pete January 12, 2005
Gaz's second girlfriend, unbeknownst to Jen!
Hey Bouncy Girl, can I have a burger please!
by Pete December 06, 2004
The name Durham University (UK) students commonly use to refer to "Planet of Sound", the best Friday night out on the town. Plays cheese, dance and alternative music. Far better than Klute.
Girl) Hey, are you coming to hound tonight?

Guy) What kind of a question is that? Of course I am!
by Pete October 11, 2004
um, when a female snorts coke out of an ass crack
damn, she azzripped that line!
by pete March 17, 2005

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