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A truly awesome structure, it will flourish despite the best efforts of the bar staff.
John: "Tower!"
Gaz: "Tower!"
Ste: "Tower!"
Pete: (in floods of tears) "No, no, no, I've got to take it back to the bar.
by Pete January 25, 2005
The worst of the bar staff. How can anybody hold a grudge for so long over a fucking Christmas card?
Little Miss Grumpy Pants is a loser, despite the cheap blowjobs
by Pete January 25, 2005
A tower-hating mulleted barmaid
Mullet Girl is pissed off at us today!
by Pete December 06, 2004
to fail at something that you think you are good at.
the sky a shot in football form 2feet away
you barrowed it (missing an unmisable shot in football
by pete March 10, 2005
Doing the dirty thing to the dirty bits of a dirty lady, with your dirty mouth.
Shit, I've still got her hair in my mouth from bushing my teeth.
by Pete February 21, 2004
where women go when they go to bed with me
last night
by Pete January 27, 2004
to hit, especially on rugby field
“There is a bit of biffo on the field”
by Pete January 20, 2004

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