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249 definitions by Pete

Geordie for 'smoke'.
Wai-aye mon. Ah love smerkin fags, me. Itz grate mon.
by Pete November 21, 2003
4 18
Eastern Concept of Sprituality/Religion, based on suffering and the cessation of suffering
That guy's a Buddhist!
by Pete October 16, 2003
6 20
A tower-hating mulleted barmaid
Mullet Girl is pissed off at us today!
by Pete December 06, 2004
3 18
The worst of the bar staff. How can anybody hold a grudge for so long over a fucking Christmas card?
Little Miss Grumpy Pants is a loser, despite the cheap blowjobs
by Pete January 25, 2005
4 20
Hessian is a loosely weaved, strong fiber material similar to burlap.Used mainly for carpet backing.
"That carpet is so worn the hessian is showing through"
by Pete June 04, 2004
8 24
Doing the dirty thing to the dirty bits of a dirty lady, with your dirty mouth.
Shit, I've still got her hair in my mouth from bushing my teeth.
by Pete February 21, 2004
4 20
Having to do with a female hair cut whitch is short on top and sides and long in the back.Also a female mullet
Did u see that chicklet
by Pete April 29, 2004
2 19