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having to do with White Castle, cheap, extremely skinny, many kids, oppositte of his father
a hick who does not like sharing, father eats in extreme amounts and has many quadrouple by pases per year, ALBINO
by Pete November 14, 2003
Sometimes written as Bodmas, BODMAS or BODMAS. Refers to both the original group, the "Crap band with a crap website - www.bodmas.tk" and any band which doesn't really play any music.
Person 1: "I saw BODMAS play last night!"
Person 2: "You actually saw BODMAS play?"
Person 1: "No, but then I am a compulsive liar"
Person 2: "Really?"
Person 1: "No."
by Pete March 17, 2005
Generally used by the hillwalking/rambling community in the UK, most of whom live in towns, who go off to the countryside at weekends just to set foot upon individual summits. One the individual hill is bagged, then they usually tick off a list of hills in a notebook. A bagger is one of those strange individuals who enjoys climbing hills just to tick off a list, and who was probably a trainspotter in the past life. They would gain more satisfaction from climbing a new hill in fog than they would be ascenting a previously climbed hill in good weather.
Only baggers would be out on such a miserable day as this.
by Pete October 18, 2004
a head high tackle in rugby
"he clotheslined that guy"
by Pete January 20, 2004
1. a Mexican Arab, a mexican that follows the Muslim faith
Holy Jew bags batman! An Mexiarab!
by Pete December 28, 2004
Prick Tease - a Tease
damn that girl is hot, but she's nothing but a prick tease.
by Pete November 24, 2004
Male that acts like a fag to score chicks.
Look at that metro sexual with his frosted hair, what a wanna be fag...
by PETE March 05, 2004

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