249 definitions by Pete

I think the general definition here is a penis that's wider than it is long, but I've also heard that it can mean a short penis that instead of growing, the head resected into the guy's body and the rest of the skin just hangs down over the hole that was formed when the head dissapeared and its really short and there's virtually nothing there
"Look at my chode!"
"You don't have anything there! Shut up!"
by Pete May 07, 2004
Its where stoned people think batman lives
Wow look man its batman and robin and their heading for his caveman
by pete March 03, 2004
1. A clogged toilet.
2. A bad situation.
3. To beat; to kill.
1. Dude, there's a squamp in there.
2. Code Red! It's a squamp!
3. I squamped 'em.
by Pete January 19, 2004
Balloon effect is the happening of wearing baggy pants
Bootlegers had the balloon effect to hide alcohol
by pete December 03, 2003
To look at girls in a sexual way.
I see you skegging up that girl over there, don't try to deny it!
by Pete October 02, 2004
Male that acts like a fag to score chicks.
Look at that metro sexual with his frosted hair, what a wanna be fag...
by PETE March 05, 2004
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