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The eruption smelly gas coming out of the anus. Sometimes it makes a noise sometimes it doesn't. The one that makes a noise is known as a trouser sneeze. You have to be careful not to follow through. See fart, trump and air biscuit.
"I've just done a trouser sneeze lads"
by Pete September 25, 2004
Beth is dumb as a stick.
by Pete February 11, 2004
its a ski clothing brand
yo that spyder jacket is hot
by PeTe January 09, 2004
1. a term used to describe someone who commits to an activity so much that it begins to piss** people off. adj.

**piss, definition 4

2. used as a substitute for another verb, so long as the meaning is understood. v.
"You awp whore!"
"Stop whoring all the oreos!"
"Oh, man! I'm such a Halo 2 sniping whore!"
by pete March 24, 2005
a creepy guy, named eric, that shamelessly hits on co-workers. often lurks near the lunchroom casually eyeballing new "office meat." somtimes has a really annoying laugh, and hits on girls from his "ride" at stoplights and junior high schools.

uses such pickup lines as "im having a rave at my pad, wanna chill?" and "make way for the princess!"
hey nick, did you see creepy e hitting on the new girl?
by pete February 21, 2005
Durham's one and only "proper" nightclub, which changed its name to DH1 in recent years. Not really as fun as Klute, but at least it's not such a crush.
You coming to Rixies tonight?
by Pete December 16, 2004
Class "A" asshole.
Duemellon is a Class "A" asshole.
by Pete March 25, 2004
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