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249 definitions by Pete

The eruption smelly gas coming out of the anus. Sometimes it makes a noise sometimes it doesn't. The one that makes a noise is known as a trouser sneeze. You have to be careful not to follow through. See fart, trump and air biscuit.
"I've just done a trouser sneeze lads"
by Pete September 25, 2004
A blond doing a handstand in a convertable with the top down at 100miles an hour with legs spread,
It come from what her vagina does as wind flys past her flaps

Wow did you see that cunflapper???????
by pete March 03, 2004
Beth is dumb as a stick.
by Pete February 11, 2004
a vagina
"I like eating split peaches"
by Pete January 20, 2004
its a ski clothing brand
yo that spyder jacket is hot
by PeTe January 09, 2004
While standing, locking someone's head between your legs. Then farting on the back of their head and giving them a wedgie at the same time.
He didn't know whether the wedgie hurt worse than the fart stank when I gave him a fargie.
by Pete August 23, 2003
i beleive tim shaw uses the term 'gammon washer' as an alternative name for your bottom hole. Not, as the last entry seems to think, the vagina.
tim shaw's show is described as like turning yourself inside-out through your gammon washer
by pete June 18, 2006