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Like a cockmaster, but on the grandest scale possible.
Stop pissing around you cockmaster general.
by Pete October 18, 2004
while having doggystyle intercourse, the man pulls out right before and blows it on a reeses pieces peanut-buttercup. He then hands it to his partner and they eat the salty goodness.
Dude, I gave her the biggest salty buttercup ever.
by pete November 16, 2003
a male who is a sex slave to a woman; she is domainant over him. he has to obey her every command.
jenna has a male slave he does everything she says
by pete October 06, 2003
Falls into two categories:
1. What the ladies say they want - sensitive, funny guys who won't treat them like shit, cheat on them, or dump them when a woman with larger breasts becomes available.
2. What the ladies ACTUALLY want (or at least those that they pick) - 'hot' guys with a bad reputation (biker, rock star, felon) who will treat them like shit, cheat on them, and dump them when a woman with larger breasts becomes available.
What the ladies NEED is to say one thing and do the SAME thing
by Pete September 07, 2003
A emphisised version of Rofl
(rolls on floor laughing)
Named after a Emoticon which shows a Helocopter made out of typed symbols . The Rotors of which are the words "ROFL" and the tail rotor is "LOL" vertically
0mggmomgo..j00 got pwned by a Womp Rat???1212121...RoFl0c0pter
by pete January 06, 2005
The spartans were the best greek warriors but the chillest greek people were the samians.
"Your so cool... You must be samian."
by Pete January 26, 2004
Collective term for a list of items or things.
'I've got a few bits and pieces to do then i'm going out'
by pete September 19, 2003

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