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69 definitions by Pete Dick

a technique used by wealthy individuals to frustrate their rivals by buying up land adjacent to their competitors locations so that they can open up competing busineses and perhaps force them out of business.
TP: "Did you hear Pete Dick got us banned from the Kirk Hotel? Now we got no place to go."
The Cooker: "Yeah but before he did that he was land banking and plans to open up a place even better down the road."
TP: "well, I guess that is why they call him Pete Dick."
The Cooker: "shut up and Irish yourself."
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008
used to describe your favorite watering hole when an unwanted friend overhears your description of the previous nights exploits. The misdirection is used so that said unwanted friend will not show up to your favorite establishment in the future.
Pete Dick: "Me and T. Gay really got fuck up last night."
The Cooker: "damn, when I left you were still jacking for beats and seemed fairly socially lubricated."
Pete Dick: "Well we Irished Ourselves pretty good."
Uncle Freddie: "Where was this?"
Pete Dick and the Cooker: "the Beats Street Tavern."
Uncle Freddie: "Where is that."
Pete Dick: "Jones Road"
by Pete Dick March 18, 2008
an individual who carries at least two cases of beer for the benefit of others.
The Cooker: "Pete Dick can be a real prick sometimes, but boy he is one useful beer mule."
TP: "Yep, you can always count on him to carry serious quantities of beer."
by Pete Dick March 05, 2008
mob lawyer or attorney
That Hard on with a suitcase will get us off the charges.
by Pete Dick February 17, 2008
when a new love interest begins to inquire about one's sexual history, like a credit report, any sexual acts occurring more than seven years ago do not count.
Cook: "I'm glad your back with Venus."
Pete DicK: "Well, she ran my sexual credit report."
Cook: "oh, shit, you're done man."
Pete DicK" "no way, I haven't banged a girl in the ass for ten years, I'm clean"
Cook: "thank God, for the sexual credit report, at least its off your file"
Pete DicK: "YES, now I can fuck her in the ass virgin style."
by Pete Dick September 13, 2009
large amounts of money that bypasses the tax system and is moved into the pockets of wealthy households and companies through unfair tax credits and cuts at the expense of good working people.
Pete Dick: "damn, Pepper, you seem to be in the mood for celebrating."
Pepper: "well I am, me and my brother Salt just closed on a deal that made us millions of dollars of helicopter money and is backed by the taxpayers."
Pete Dick: "good work, you truly are an international man of leisure."
Pepper: "and your not?"
Pete Dick: "shut up and Irish yourself."
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008
an abnormally large baby, a minature man from brussels.
The Cooker: "damn pizzamaker's kid is huge..."
Pete Dick: "yeah, he is the baby from brussels."
The Cooker: "humm, your right."
Pete Dick: "shut up and Irish yourself."
TP: "what are you guys talking about?"
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008