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a method of descreetly feeling a woman's breast at a bar by placing your hand on your hip and turning so that your elbow brushes her chest.
Chad: "Watch this, I am gonna see if this chicks tits are real."
Pedro: "What?"
Chad (doing the motion and feeling up girl): "That's why they call me el wingador!"
Pedro: "Well are they real then?"
Chad (with shit eating grin): "Affirmative!"
by Pete Dick February 28, 2008
the incorect way of pronouncing basketball that so many illiterate collegete basketball players say during interviews.
(Player speaking after winning game during interview): Thank god, praise the lord that the bathketball came my way, I was just looking to find da hoop amen.
by Pete Dick March 18, 2008
the homage to aggression and male bloodlust that a championship ultimate fighting event is.
Pete Dick: "Did you see the Ultimate Fighting last night?"
The Cooker: "Hell yeah, I would not miss that ballet of violence for the world."
Pete Dick: "Me neither..."
by Pete Dick February 29, 2008
any bar located in a two story building where the upstairs floor is used for illegal activity.
Pete Dick: "I'm thirsty and I want to gamble."
The Cooker: "Me too!"
Pete Dick: "Then lets head to the Kirk Hotel."
The Cooker: "I like the Kirk!"
by Pete Dick February 17, 2008
a technique used by wealthy individuals to frustrate their rivals by buying up land adjacent to their competitors locations so that they can open up competing busineses and perhaps force them out of business.
TP: "Did you hear Pete Dick got us banned from the Kirk Hotel? Now we got no place to go."
The Cooker: "Yeah but before he did that he was land banking and plans to open up a place even better down the road."
TP: "well, I guess that is why they call him Pete Dick."
The Cooker: "shut up and Irish yourself."
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008
large amounts of money that bypasses the tax system and is moved into the pockets of wealthy households and companies through unfair tax credits and cuts at the expense of good working people.
Pete Dick: "damn, Pepper, you seem to be in the mood for celebrating."
Pepper: "well I am, me and my brother Salt just closed on a deal that made us millions of dollars of helicopter money and is backed by the taxpayers."
Pete Dick: "good work, you truly are an international man of leisure."
Pepper: "and your not?"
Pete Dick: "shut up and Irish yourself."
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008
hungover, the feeling of being beaten up from drinking way too much the night before.
The Cooker: "What's up man?"
Pete Dick: "Hanging out on Beats Street..."
The Cooker: "Guess you don't want to go to the Kirk Hotel then..."
Pete Dick: "Fuck no, I am in, lets get socially lubricated"
by Pete Dick March 15, 2008

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