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69 definitions by Pete Dick

money that is said to be insignificant when compared to other, usually planned, expenditures.
Pete Dick: "There is my sister's ex-boyfriend Robertto, lets go over and say hi, he will buy us a drink."
Robertto: "Hey Pete, how are you?"
Pete Dick: "let me buy you a drink."
Robertto: "Please, put your money away I will get you a drink."
Pete Dick: "Robertto, how do you afford to do this, you must be an international man of leisure..."
Robertto: "what, these drinks, this is budget dust for me compared to how much money your sister used to make me pay for dill does and other sex toys!"
The Cooker: "I heard that about her!"
Robertto (laughing): "Yeah, I really broke her heart when I dumped her, sorry Pete."
Pete Dick: "Forget about it, baby bubba, we are still friends, just shut up and Irish yourself."
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008
the incorect way of pronouncing basketball that so many illiterate collegete basketball players say during interviews.
(Player speaking after winning game during interview): Thank god, praise the lord that the bathketball came my way, I was just looking to find da hoop amen.
by Pete Dick March 18, 2008
the homage to aggression and male bloodlust that a championship ultimate fighting event is.
Pete Dick: "Did you see the Ultimate Fighting last night?"
The Cooker: "Hell yeah, I would not miss that ballet of violence for the world."
Pete Dick: "Me neither..."
by Pete Dick February 29, 2008
any bar located in a two story building where the upstairs floor is used for illegal activity.
Pete Dick: "I'm thirsty and I want to gamble."
The Cooker: "Me too!"
Pete Dick: "Then lets head to the Kirk Hotel."
The Cooker: "I like the Kirk!"
by Pete Dick February 17, 2008
hungover, the feeling of being beaten up from drinking way too much the night before.
The Cooker: "What's up man?"
Pete Dick: "Hanging out on Beats Street..."
The Cooker: "Guess you don't want to go to the Kirk Hotel then..."
Pete Dick: "Fuck no, I am in, lets get socially lubricated"
by Pete Dick March 15, 2008
a very accomplished pizza maker who is an expert dough tosser and pizza stretcher.
The Cooker: "How come we have to always do our jacking for beats at the Kirk Hotel?"
Pete Dick: "Because I have the hots for that dough acrobat that makes the pizzas."
The Cooker: "Dude, just do me a favor and don't piss her off like usual, we need her making those pizzas with love."
by Pete Dick March 13, 2008
how one feels the day after having drunk, unprotected sex. The anxiety of not knowing if you contracted an STD along with the withdrawl symptoms of a hangover combine to form this unsettling feeling.
TP: "Dude, did you bang that girl from the bar last night?"
Pete: "aaahhh, yeah, kinda"
TP: "Dude, you totally didn't wear a rubber did you?"
Pete: "aaahhh, yeah, kinda not"
TP: "Dude, are you feeling HIVey?"
Pete: "aaahhh, yeah, kinda"
TP: "Idiot"
Pete: "aaahhh, yeah, kinda"
by Pete Dick February 10, 2008