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usually occurs in a dorm or other close situation when you are living close enough to other people to hear them or see them having sex, once one hears them in the act, it then becomes the Goodwill Games.
Msgr. Sparrow: "damn dude, you and Tara were loud last night."
Pete Dick: "Damn dude, just competing in them Goodwill Games."
by Pete Dick March 12, 2008
the homeless mafia is an organization of business people who employ goons to scare away beggers, homeless, and panhandlers away from their establishments.
Sunny: "I am getting pissed at the crack head bum John pissing off all of my customers by asking them for change while they are eating."
Pedro: "What did you say? Those fuckers are doing the same shit down at my place."
Sunny: "Well we need to do something because it is hurting business."
Pedro: "Maybe we need to join the homeless mafia."
Sunny: "Yeah, I have been thinking about that. I am glad you brought it up. Lets do it."
Pedro: "Word! I know just the man to call."
by Pete Dick February 13, 2008
the colloquial term for very successful gamblers.
Pete: "You got any action on the big game?"
Cooker: "No, my wife would kill me if she knew I was gambling."
Pete: "Well I put down ten large."
Cooker: "Shit, you have some balls, but you have always been a super punter."
by Pete Dick February 10, 2008
a tip that is included as a charge on a restaurant bill rather than left to a diner's discretion.
The Cooker: "those fuckers just took off without leaving the bartender a tip."
Pete Dick: "well, not really, they just think they did, I could see that based on their ethnicity that they were not going to leave her anything so I told her to put on an autograt."
Bartender: "you guys were right, I owe you a free pitcher."

by Pete Dick March 21, 2008
a fake road that does not really exist, used to give someone directions when you just want them off your back or want to confuse them.
The Cooker: "Dude, Uncle Freddie wants to come jacking for beats"
Pete Dick: "Does he know we are going to the Kirk Hotel?"
The Cooker: "No."
Pete Dick: "Good, just tell him we are going to the Beats Street Tavern and that it is on Jones Road and to meet us there."
The Cooker: "Wouldn't it be on Beats Street though?"
Pete Dick: "Don't worry about it, he is too stupid to figure it out."
by Pete Dick March 18, 2008
secret sex videotapes one makes of their girlfriend, they become dirty once you break up with her and show all your friends.
Pete Dick: "You been watching the Goodwill Games at all?"
TP: "What the fuck are you rambling about now?"
Pete Dick: "Did you get a chance to make any dirty tapes with Coquet?"
TP: "Hell yeah, I figured why not, she is going to be in porn soon anyway."
by Pete Dick March 12, 2008
a method of descreetly feeling a woman's breast at a bar by placing your hand on your hip and turning so that your elbow brushes her chest.
Chad: "Watch this, I am gonna see if this chicks tits are real."
Pedro: "What?"
Chad (doing the motion and feeling up girl): "That's why they call me el wingador!"
Pedro: "Well are they real then?"
Chad (with shit eating grin): "Affirmative!"
by Pete Dick February 28, 2008

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