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The dried flowers and leaves from the Cannabis plant. The active chemical in marijuana is THC, which can unfortunately be detected in the urine up to several weeks after use.
Dude, David was just out on the back porch smokin' dubbage, now he is eating all of our pizza.
by Pete Dick November 24, 2007
a group of annoying female who are out together making a collective noise that resembles the gaggling of a flock of hens.
Pete Dick: "We gotta get out of this place."
The Cooker: "Why?"
Pete Dick: "TP fucked one of those girls over there and now the whole gaggle of hens is talking about it."
by Pete Dick April 04, 2008
the accumulated effects of consistent farting over a period of time.
Msgr Sparrow: "Jen stop rolling the fucking windows down, its fucking freezing!"
Jen: "I have to to curb the effects of Pete Dick's ass pollution."
by Pete Dick March 14, 2008
the slop that results from the drainage of draft beers at a bar into a bucket.
Pete Dick: "Dude, I wanna get drunk but I ain't got no cash."
The Cooker: "Just go down to the Kirk and drink the Pork Soda, you'll be feeling just fine."
Pete Dick: "Good Idea."
by Pete Dick February 17, 2008
Someone or something whose role is to become the focal point for, or the initiator of, a debate or challenge. However, in reality their leadership role is an illusion, and the stalking horse is really working to promote a challenge or debate that will benefit a third party whose identity remains a secret.
Pete: "You been watching what them Clintons are up to?"
Cook: "I've been trying to ignore them now for 12 years."
Pete: "Well Slick Willie has been attacking Obama."
Cook: "Why?"
Pete: "Well he is acting as a stalking horse for Hillary to damage Obama's rep."
Cook: "I figured Obama already damaged his rep."
Pete: "Not as much as Willie can."
Cook: "Your wisdom is boundless."
by Pete Dick February 13, 2008
a gun dropped by the cops at a shooting to cover up the killing of an unarmed suspect.
LeRoy: "You hear about Tyrone getting shot by the po-po."
Tinquin: "Fuck yeah, motha fucka"
LeRoy: "He wasn't packing."
LaTitia: "Yeah them mother fuckin cops just drop guns and point the finger at our boy."
Tinquin: "Bitch, shut the fuck up."
LeRoy: "Yeah, bitch stop lying."
LaTitia: "Wanna fuck?"
LeRoy and Tinquin: "Yeah, now I am gonna drop pants."
by Pete Dick February 28, 2008
when a man gets caught up with a woman who is not good for him for some reason, but cannot escape her because of her abnormally sexy body.
TP: "Man, I just can't stop seeing that call girl."
Pete Dick: "Dude, you are caught in the boobie trap."
by Pete Dick March 31, 2008

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