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Time Per Lay--The time per lay is an index that measures how much time one spends to get in someone else's pants. The goal being to have as low a TPL as possible. Time Per Lay becomes more important the more money you make at your job. The logic being that you could in fact spend more to get laid more, but to make sense you must not have to take as much time out of your day to get laid.
Cook: "Hey have you banged that girl you have been seeing yet?"

Pete: "No, we have already gone out on three dates too!"

Cook: "Damn dude, that is going to ruin your TPL."

Pete: "Don't remind me ass hole!!!"
by Pete Dick December 28, 2007
term coined by the great Barry Switzer to describe someone who was born with a silver spoon in their mouth but has an arrogance and thinks their standing in life is because of their own doing.
The Cooker: "i hate hanging out at the Kirk Hotel with all of these arrogant, rich punks that think they are an international man of leisure."
Pete Dick (calling Oak the goon): "look dude, just focus on jacking for beats and I will take care of these fucks that were born on third base."
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008
A man whose tremendous wealth, social position, grooming, and worldleness allow him to pursue pleasurable social, cultural, and athletic hobbies or pasttimes, rather than employment.
Bartender: "Hey, seriously, what does Pete Dick do for a living?"
The Cooker: "I really shouldn't say..."
Bartender: "Come on, I won't tell anyone, please?"
The Cooker: "well, he is an international man of leisure."
Bartender: "woa, what is that?"
The Cooker: "well, basically it means he globe trots jacking for beats and each day finds time to Irish himself."
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008
Chasing younger women.
Pete is down at the bar jacking for beats.
by Pete Dick October 23, 2007
mobster jargon for killing someone.
Boss: "I heard you like to paint houses."
Thug: "Yes, and I do my own carpentry as well."
Boss: "Excellent
by Pete Dick February 17, 2008
libations are ritual pourings of drinks as an offering to a god.
Papi: "What are you doing tonight?"
Pete Dick: "The usual, jacking for beats and enjoying a couple libations."
Papi: "I am in, where at?"
Pete Dick: "The Kirk Hotel!"
by Pete Dick March 12, 2008
used to describe anything that can be accomplished easily.
The Cooker: "you ever play TP one-on-one in a game of bathketball?"
Pete Dick: "oh hell yeah, he sucks, its like fishing with dynamite."
by Pete Dick March 16, 2008

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