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A website with random amusing images. The reason you are up late, the reason you didn't study for the exam, and the reason your girlfriend got bored and just got dressed again.
You: Hahaha, oh wow.
You: I feel bad for laughing at that. I'll look at a few more to feel better.
You: Just a few more...
Dad: Son? Wake up, it's- IS THAT A PORNOGRAPHIC .GIF?
You: No, dad, it's just fukung, I'm not-
Dad: Hey, nice rack on that one. Good job, son!
by Peshka April 08, 2010
The often-graphic images on wikipedia pages describing sexual matters. Can be used as a substitute for real porn. Often cartoons, but sometimes you can find the real deal.
Example pages: Ejaculation, Suicide Girls, Vulva

Guy 1: Damnit, they have all the porn sites blocked here.

Guy 2: Just wikipedia that shit, bro. Haven't you ever heard of wikipedia porn?
by Peshka May 03, 2010
A piss mortar is when you go to the bathroom or wherever else, and instead of aiming your gear downwards while urinating, you aim upwards so it goes way up and then down into the bowl or onto the ground. Feels good man.
"Dude, earlier I pulled off a perfect piss mortar while listening to Sting. I felt so manly."
by Peshka March 24, 2010

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