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1 definition by Pervez Hamza

One lacking in common sense and/or basic intellectual capacity. Moron, idiot, fool, dummy, imbecile, retarded person. Commonly used to refer to a person of low intelligence, but also one who offers little value to society and who is perceived as a loser or failure. More precisely, a good-for-nothing idiot or an unproductive bum with a pathetic existence. Slang term which has become part of modern internet forum vernacular, particularly on South Asian message boards. Derogatory term.

Hey REKiN, you've contributed nothing to this community other than serving as an idle bum of a loser with no life, no women, and no reason for waking up in the morning.

Get a life! You're just another REKiN! LOL!
by Pervez Hamza July 03, 2006
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