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A virtual pet website that stole the ideas for every aspect of its site from Neopets.

The admins on this site are apparently "approachable" and "actually able to be talked to." This translates into, the only way to succeed on Subeta is to get friendly with the admins. The only people the admins care about though, are those who donate money (5$ each month) to have "gold accounts" with which they can take advantage of all the features that make it impossible for normal users who value their money to do anything.

A website to entertain fools who enjoy parting with their money in exchange for "cute" pixel images.
NewbieGirl37: hi im new and whats a pet

Admin: You create a pet and take care of it like a real pet.

NewbieGirl37: it sez i need sP wuts that

Admin: Subeta Points, use them to buy items.

NewbieGirl37: I want alot of sP

Admin: You can donate money to the site and get sP in exchange!

NewbieGirl37: Relly ok i just bout a gold accont

Admin: Congrats! Heres a million sP because we love money.

UpstandingUser14: Yes! I just got a Field Tigrean Elixir! But now I have no sP -_-

Admin: you could donate 100$ to the site and get more sP!!

UpstandingUser: No thanks, like I'm gonna waste 100$ on this shit.

Admin: You're getting frozen for not giving in to our desire for $$$$.

UpstandingUser: Wow. Your site is unfair.

Admin: No it isn't. Just because we only like the stupid people who give us all their hard-earned money doesn't mean we're UNFAIR.

Things They Stole From Neopets

-Half of the pet species

- Petpets

- The whole explore page

- Lab ray

- And a shitload more

Yet they insist they didn't copy Neopets at all and that all virtual pet sites have these exact ideas.

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