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One of the most successful and awesome races on the planet.

Although some Persian people love plastic surgery and showing off their tacky Chanel bags, a large majority of Persian people have naturally beautiful features and bodies and are very modest, hardworking people.

Persian people are obsessed with cleanliness. Their homes are so clean you can eat off their floors, usually accented by Persian rugs and expensive European paintings. They place a huge emphasis on looking and smelling good, which is why so many of them buy expensive perfumes and(authentic) designer clothes.

Their spending habits can be somewhat ridiculous. A lot of Persians buy their children expensive German cars without much thought and live in expensive houses.

Persian people raise their children to work hard and get good grades. They are such perfectionists that a large majority of them become sucessful doctors, businessmen, and entrepeneurs.

Persian men can be extremely hot-tempered, so watch who you mess with. A Persian father is the epitome of masculinity. They may be strict, have a short fuse, and throw one too many vases at the wall, but they live for their children.

Persian women are extremely beautiful and have huge hearts. A Persian mother will always welcome a stranger into her house, and encourage them to eat until they can't walk anymore. They are very kind and giving people.

Persian people love soccer, tea ("chayee"), having huge parties at their houses, and getting into a good argument. They can be extremely dramatic and love making life into a soap opera, but it's part of their charm.

Although they are frequently categorized as a "brown" race, they have Aryan blood and are considered "white".

Their race has been tainted by the media, the tragedy of 9/11, and their country's horrible government, which ALL Persian people hate for ruining their beautiful country. Ever wonder why Persians don't call themselves "Iranians"? It's because they don't like to be affiliated with the Iranian government that ruined their country (and their reputations all over the world).

Persians are intelligent, beautiful, and successful people. Stop judging them so harshly and get to know them. You just might find find a friend for life if you do.
Joe: Duuude! I can't believe your dad just bought Bahar a BMW Z4 for her birthday! You Persians are CRAZY!
Afshin: Well, she got straight A's, man.
Joe: Ha, you Persians are such overachievers.
by Persian Pride! September 11, 2008

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