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The act of you and other people dragging your bare ass-crack over a passed out partiers face. The dirtier your ass the better.
Some dude passed out at Davids party so we all pulled a fudge train. James ass was so dirty he left skid marks on the guys nose.
by Perpetual_Stiffy December 23, 2010
A broken, clogged or toilet without water for flushing that continues to be used for #2.

A portable toilet with so much poo that it has absorbed all of the blue water.
"Last night was Taco night at the Bar and the toilet wouldn't flush and people kept crapping in it. It was a serious Fudge-Pond by the end of the night."

"The portable toilets at the concert got so full they were solid fudge-ponds"
by Perpetual_Stiffy December 04, 2011

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