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Short for

for sure

in "snoop Dogg language" adding "izzle" or "ezy" on words makes them sound more "ghetto" (confusing for old people to understand"
Gangsta: Yo Nizzle (Yo nikka)
Nikka: What up G (whats good gangsta)
Gangsta: Lets hit the club (Wanna go clubbing?)
Nikka: Fo-shezy Dizzle (For sure my Dogg)(dogg= friend or homie)
by Pernille July 02, 2006
to explain something being extremely... (something; hard, fit, long, mashed, pissed) as. missing out the end of the sentence, leaving a gap for imagination.
man that boy is fit as...
by pernille July 25, 2005

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