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your favorite hangout, not necessarily your house.
If you need me, I'll be on my home planet.

Get your own home planet, sucka.
by Percy Reno November 19, 2004
The way rock stars pronounce spokane when they come to the Opera House to do a concert.
"Hellllooooooo, Spockanee!!!!! How ya'll feeling tonight??"

"Get off the stage, poser!"
by Percy Reno November 22, 2004
significant other, a non-gendered referent to a boyfried or girlfriend.
Sorry, guys. I can't hang out, my spooky just called.
by Percy Reno November 19, 2004
any low-quality object
you car's a bugle, yo.

Damn, your sister's a bugle.
by Percy Reno November 19, 2004
a great deal of money, not the change in your pocket, but a big wad.
Drinks are on me, i gots the porridge.

She just digs my porridge.
by Percy Reno November 19, 2004

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