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An absolutely rubbish/pants bar in the town of Witham, Essex, England.

Used to be a pub where people were constantly getting stabbed/bottled, but was bought out, fitted with curtains (most of them on the ceilings where there are no windows) and sofas, and now you can't get in without shoes on. Knives are still allowed... As long as they are not wearing any sportswear.

Also, dressing like a complete scab is still allowed, as long as you are wearing shoes. Spliffy jeans and Naff jackets are commonly seen at the bar.

Full of weird people from surrounding towns, who are probably too scummy or unpopular to go out in their own towns.
"Alright bruv, fancy not going to the George tonight and going out for a proper night - in elements, where we can pay twice as much for a drink as we do in any other pub within a 1 mile radius?"

"Yea ok cuz, let's take my sister's penknife and stab everyone up"
by Percy Poppadom November 09, 2007

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