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1 definition by Percy Pickle

1. Abbreviation for "Very Icky" (v.icky/vicky). The name given to an object of such contorted nature as to make another human projectile vomit. This contortion can be of the physical and/or mental variety and is commonly found as a quality attributed to women from near Birmingham UK.
2. A woman so mentally repulsive, that who no matter how horny or drunk you are, produces an instant penile defense mechanism to stop you shoving it in any of her orifices.
Simon: "Ruth is v.icky!"
Chuck: "They are the same person?"
Simon: "No! I was using the adjective "v.icky", not the name vicky!"
Chuck: "The adjective v.icky?"
Simon: "Yes it means 'Very ICKY', don't you visit urbandictionary.com?"
by Percy Pickle September 21, 2005