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8 definitions by Percy Jones

The reason your child has ADHD (Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder).
Parent: "Timmy, what would you like to watch?"
ADHD-stricken child: "SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! ... No, let's go ride bikes! ... Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!"
by Percy Jones June 03, 2007
87 51
A devout follower of the MTV2 show Wonder Showzen who accepts Lord Krondor as his/her savior.
I was talking to Jenny in 5th period and I found out she's a Showzenist!
by Percy Jones May 08, 2007
28 7
A decent movie that isn't worth seeing in theatres, but is worthy of being placed on your netflix queue.
The Invisible was okay, but it's a netflixer.
by Percy Jones May 08, 2007
31 18
Visible anger or violence resulting from waiting in line.
After waiting twenty minutes in line at Sears, Maggie went into a queue rage, tossing her garments at the cashiers and exiting the building.
by Percy Jones November 20, 2008
10 0
A religion based off the MTV2 show Wonder Showzen. A devout follower of the show (see Showzenist). Showzenists pray to their god Lord Krondor and accept him as their savior. Showzenists snack of choice is Chewties.
Watching Wonder Showzen has converted me to Showzenism.
by Percy Jones June 24, 2007
12 2
A place such as a party where there are no hot girls.
Nigel: "Man, this place is a dud."

Cam: "Dude, it's a bank. Come on."

Nigel: "That doesn't mean the tellers have to be fugly. When I go to a bank, I expect them to have dimes."
by Percy Jones January 05, 2008
41 37
When an individual's pants have knowingly or unknowingly risen above their belly button, resembling the hiked up style of pants made famous by character Steve Urkel on the 90's TV show Family Matters.
Example 1: "Dude, pull your pants down, you're urkelin'."

Example 2: "Look at Ms. Brewer, she's urkelin'! Her pants are hiked all the way up to her non-existant titties!"
by Percy Jones August 03, 2007
10 6