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a land made up by the genius dr. seuss in seussical the musical. a land where everybody is happy and nothing goes wrong, kind of like a suess heaven
There's a faraway land
So the stories all tell
Somewhere beyond the horizon.
If we can find it
Then all will be well,
Troubles there are few,
Someday, we'll go to...
Solla Solew
by pepto March 30, 2006
A city in the South of England, often refered to by myself as SKANKLAND.

The reason being...
1. it is full of skanks
2. it is full of perverts
3. it is full of dirty filthy cockney londoners who think they can have just about anyone they want, who have had everyone they want
4. although... yes it has some beatiful attractions... the people there well... are usually beatiful on the outside but disturbed on the inside
5. it is dangerous to be there
6. it is dangerous to speak to people there
7. you should beware of sex attacks and stabbings and such whenever you go there
First Person: I went to London last week
Second Person: Any Sex Attacks?
First Person: Surprisingly... no
by Pepto November 02, 2005

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