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The BEST soda ever produced. Perfect berry flavor, theres nothing like it on earth or in the universe for that matter. Not to sweet and not to blah. The carbonation was absolutely mind boggling at how anyone on earth could have captured such bliss. The most refreshing and quenching thing to grace everybody's tastebuds. The only true choice for people who like to live life. Its like world peace in a 20 oz bottle (or 2 liter/12oz can if thats your thing). There is only one downside to the stuff...the evils of this world have halted its production for the time being. We can only dream the dream now...that someday our beloved soda will make a triumphant return.
Am I in heaven... no, wait, I'm just drinking Pepsi Blue.
by PepsiBlue-Man April 06, 2004

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