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20 definitions by Pepsi X-treme

A sleep schedule characterized by a series of short, intermittent naps. (as opposed to one long 8 hour sleep). Usually if one is working hard or has no time for conventional sleep, one will go on Da Vinci Sleep.

Etymology: Derived from the supposed way Leonardo Da Vinci slept.
Bob: Man, you look like hell. What's up?

Steve: It's totally crazy around here, you know, midterms and taking care of my sister's diabetic cat... I've been on Da Vinci Sleep here.
by Pepsi X-Treme August 08, 2005
27 9
Something that's both beautiful and delicious. A nice word, but if uttered makes one sound incredibly fruity.
Server: Welcome to taco bell, may i take your order?

Metrosexual Wally: Give me a big, beautiufulicious mexican pizza!
by Pepsi X-treme July 09, 2005
23 6
The act of clicking the little google icon on your screen, thus covering the screen with the google window, and covering whatever else you may be doing. Great for passer-bys.
My dad walked in when i was cybering with that hot algerian chick so i just put up the google shield.
by Pepsi X-treme July 31, 2005
11 1
A robot programmed and designed to kill. Made TV debut on the futurama episode "Love's Labours Lost in Space". Zapp Branigan begame famous for saving a planet from a herd of rampaging killbots.
Oh my god! Billy built a killbot out of a toaster... quick, get my shot gun!
by Pepsi X-treme July 09, 2005
12 3
April 1rst. A day in which practical jokes are played. The second worst birthday surpassed only by febuary 29th
Gullible is written on the ceiling.
by Pepsi X-treme June 24, 2005
20 11
noun: When one experiences eratic sleep, consising of a series of short naps instead of a long block of sleep. Named after Leonardo Da Vinci, who supposedly slept in such a manner.
Guy: Why are your eyes red?

Guy2: This week has been tough, i'm on da vinci sleep here!
by Pepsi X-Treme July 21, 2005
12 6
Something that is yummy and spectaucular. Can only be said by valley girls and incredibly gay men.
Jeana: How was that fuzzy navel?

Tini: Yumtacular!
by Pepsi X-treme July 09, 2005
7 2