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1. n. The crawlspace created underneath the beds in Butch 203 during movie nights
2. n. Room 203 in Butcher Hall of Ware College House in the University of Pennsylvania
3. n. A group of awesome people collectively called "The Cave" and sometimes referred to as "cave men/women".

adj. Cave-ish: a state of disarray caused by a buildup of dust bunnies and piles of still wet laundry. Can be remedied by swiffering and spraying a mixture of Off and Oust.

v. Decave: to organize one's room.
-I promise I'll decave soon! -This room is looking awfully caveish today. -Where are those voices coming from? -Oh it's just Jess and PJ in the cave.
by Peppermint Bon Bon August 07, 2006

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