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1) Something 11-17 year old guys do because they don't have anyone to have sex with.

2) Something you watch your sister do after she showers

3) A way to get the erection you get every mourning to go away

4) For men, using your hand to cause an orgasm

5) The only sleep over game for boys other than hand jobs.

6) The favorite activity of my both me and my six year old brother.
Jack sat in his room his room, practicing his favorite sport, masturbation, rubbing his hand up and down his cock until his sister walked in and gave him a new means of pleasure.

Dan could withstand the movie's sex scene any loner. He whipped out his pecker and started to masturbate

Brian gave me 510 bucks to let him film me masturbating
#petting the cat #stroking your insert word for penis here #scrambling the sperm #jacking off #the only way to take sperm samples
by Penusus, The God of Sex September 21, 2006
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