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2 definitions by Penny Fox

To take a tin of pedigree chum, open and mash into a paste. Then rub the paste onto either female or male sexual organs. Then get pet dog your's or neighbours and allow to lick off. Add more paste for longer sensation.
I had the best orgasm last night from by doing the pedigree chum trick
by Penny Fox April 16, 2010
A game played primarily by rock stars with groupies or men who have the power to be able to lure several ladies into playing. 2 or more men needed and either 9 or 18 ladies.

Each lady has a 'par' to be measured in thrusts 1st man to finish loses.
Adam started to play golfsex but was beat by Amy (hole 15) she was a par 20 and after the previous other holes that were high pars he lost! Craig made it all the way to hole 18 though!
by Penny Fox November 17, 2010