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A very well written but somewhat twisted British comedy. Set in a town in the North, the show contains over 70 individual characters played by but 3 actors. Watch it now.
The League Of Gentlemen stole my life
by Penisman November 30, 2003
A website started in 2000 that usually has nothing on it, but gets spammed on every IRC server on the internet.

It later evolved into an underground record company for rappers.
Hey, get your free Viagra at www.torkworld.cjb.net
by penisman September 22, 2004
The League of Gentlemen character. Travelling gypsy circus man and door-to-door peg salesman. Has a tendency to steal wives. Face is painted black (well, it's paint, but its his face- tough to explain) Generally crazy in every way.
Who is this? Papa Lazarus?
by Penisman November 30, 2003
Phil Keane.
Phil is a Wily McBum
by Penisman October 03, 2003
Brandon Burtner.
"I put your name on rice, your name is Fuckaer.
by PenisMan December 09, 2003

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