1 definition by Penis Neck

A place full of internet trolls who pass the time by discussing some of the most ridiculous subjects ever known to man. The place is under the control of five security guards, known as Kcube, Chev, Azimio, ScarfaceEvaStar and Kill You.

They have the most interesting trolls in the history of the internet. A few death and black metal freaks, a vampire, a priest and a few indie freaks. Also, Lady Gaga, Hitler and Nicholas Cage post here. Apparently...
Jeff: Who are Chev, DemonCashew, ZiggyStardust, eet_and_ern, Gore for Grace, Kcube, Jerome...

Jacob: They are Liquid Lurker.

Jeff: What?

Jacob: You know, Liquid Lurker. Land of the trolls.
by Penis Neck January 31, 2010

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