3 definitions by Penis McGee Gilligan II

(noun) character in The Fairly Odd Parents who has a massive, muscular erect cock that he uses as a secondary wand to bitch slap any fairies in the face.

He also has a lust/love for ten year old Timmy Turner.
"I CAME" said Jorgen Von Strangle, as he flexed his muscular cock in everyone's face.
by Penis McGee Gilligan II February 14, 2008
(noun) also known as "Danny Fagtom"

1) Crappy television show that fails to ever come close to what the Fairly Odd Parents was (and I repeat, WAS) and is basically about some fourteen year old pedobait kid who took too many drugs and thinks he's actually a ghost. The show is based off the creator, Butch Hartman's experience with drugs. The show fails to be taken seriously.

2) Character in same show who has a mangina and uses his ghost powers for good instead of anything useful. His two best friends are a poser goth and a nigga apprentice. Every episode is about a new way for him to jerk off.
1) Ever see Danny Phantom? It's almost as bad as Back at the Fagyard and Tak and the Power of Fail.

2) "I'm going ghost!" said Danny, before he came and the ghost then got sucked into his phallic thermos.
by Penis McGee Gilligan II February 14, 2008
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