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Origanally used for people who went to the NJ shore for hte day with their lunc hin a shoe box, but now someone who goes down to the shore for the weekend/summer and doesnt live there?
"We're from Outside Philly"
"O. so your shoobies?"
by Penis Face January 04, 2004
Someone who mastribates all the time.
One time in science class tony started mastribating. Next the teacher said "stop mastribating tony". Afterwards tony continued to mastribate.
Afterwards tony had a ham sandwhich
by penis face February 24, 2004
Best convience store!! better than 7-11, beacuse it has more stuff, and the people that work there speak english!! They r loctedall over the place in PA and NJ and various other places. I LOVE WAWA!!
"Im hungry"
"alright lets go to Wawa, there one on every corner!!"
by Penis Face January 07, 2004

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