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To perform a mercy killing, typically upon request or with express consent.
If I ever grow a soul patch, you have my permission to kevorkian me with swift and excessive violence.
by Penelope Cash February 11, 2009
When a bald or balding man, seemingly unaware of hair loss occurring on the top of his head, continues to grow out the hair on the sides and back of the head, thus ornamenting his barren follicles with a flowing skirt of, often disheveled, locks.
In his Frasier heydays, Kelsey Grammer sported the finest looking skirted eggshell
in the entertainment business.
by Penelope Cash February 12, 2009
A murder, traditionally bloodless, committed with general ease and a lack of physical exertion. Typically perpetrated on one in an incapacitated or otherwise defenseless state.
I hate to see grandma like this, I'm sure she'd appreciate a pillow-smothering.

That baby is so freaking cute I kinda want to pillow-smother it.
by Penelope Cash February 12, 2009
A hybrid of "great" and "thanks," commonly used by exceedingly busy people who lack the time to vocalize both words independently of one another.
"I'll get that contact report out to you this afternoon D'Artagnan"

D'Artagnan: "Granks!"
by Penelope Cash February 11, 2009
a boner inspired by Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie's performance in "Wanted" gave me an angeloner of uncommon duration.
by Penelope Cash February 11, 2009
Characterized by extremely eroded posture. The act of completely disregarding anything even approaching acceptable or naturally appearing posture.
That Stephen Hawking is always slunching.
by Penelope Cash February 12, 2009

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