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A term used in reference to males who encourage their female partners to store rotten meat or carrion in their vaginas in the hopes that flies will deem their reproductive organs an appropriate place to lay eggs which will result in maggots. Once this end has been achieved, the maggotlicker will proceed to gratify his partner orally, while enjoying a maggoty treat of his own.
When Susan discovered Bryan was a maggotlicker, she quickly got in her car and drove away.
#maggot #licker #oral sex #super #jazz
by Pencilpants Jones February 02, 2007
A grandmother's penis, typically much larger than the average penis and, incidentally, much older.
When Jimmy discovered his maternal grandmother's grancock, we couldn't keep the boy off of it.
#grandma #grancock #cock #sex #love
by Pencilpants Jones February 02, 2007
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