4 definitions by Pencil-Dick Jones

The result of not washing after Doodie Fucking (see definition).
I just doodie fucked Jocelyn and I couldn't shower right away and now I got doodie dick.
by Pencil-Dick Jones April 11, 2011
The act of being in the 69 position and "checking the girl's oil" (insertion of finger into doodie hole). Then sniffing finger for purity. Checking anal viscosity.
The Bianchi Dipstick: That girl Jen looks pretty hot. I'm gonna give her a Bianchi Dipstick and check her 10w30.
by Pencil-Dick Jones April 10, 2011
When a female lays on her back on a bed with her legs open and someone (the man or someone else) defecates a massive pile of feces between the woman's legs. Then the man proceeds to smack the pile of doodie with he erect penis, ebventually flinging pieces of it in all directions. Failure to wash up afterwards can result in Doodie Dick (see definition).
Man Jocelyn is so hot I wanna Doodie Fuck her all night long.
by Pencil-Dick Jones April 11, 2011
When a man delicately places each testicle over each eye-lid of his partner.
Arabian Sunglasses. Sarah mentioned how bright it was outside today. So I offered her a pair of "Arabian Sunglassses".
by Pencil-Dick Jones April 10, 2011

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