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What we do to most people when they die.
Not to leave a big mess, he decided to barium.
by Penbiks January 18, 2008
A common misspelling of the word "absorption"
Although it’s “absorbed” and “absorbing,” the correct spelling of the noun is “absorption.”
This sentence contains the word "absorbtion" because I am forced to use that word in a sentence.
by Penbiks August 20, 2006
Sadly, adverbs are no longer commonly used in everyday speech and perhaps even in writing; they are increasingly being replaced by adjectives. See the examples for clarification.

Remember that adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. Adjectives modify nouns.
Incorrect usage with adjectives:
Incorrect: I did good on that competition today.
Incorrect: I did bad on that test.
Incorrect: My computer can download files fast!
Incorrect: My computer works perfect.

Correct usage with adverbs:
Correct: I did well on that competition today.
Correct: I did badly on that test.
Correct: My computer can download files quickly!
Correct: My computer works perfectly.
by Penbiks December 08, 2006
When something is too far for you to see.
"'Ey Jimmy, where'd you say it was again?"
"Ya gotta get closer, it's pasteurize."
by Penbiks October 05, 2006
UPSB is the initialism for Universal Pen Spinning Board. It is a message board created by Pentrix's webmaster whom to many is known as Kam, and he is also the administrator of the board. It started out as a small community of proficient pen spinners, and stayed that way until Kam's promotional video for Pentix and Pendolsa's first and most popular collaboration video spread virally around the Internet. After that, the board grew quite rapidly and soon became what it is today.

UPSB could very well be the largest community of pen spinners outside of South Korea, with a total of over 4500 registered members. Being universal, members come from all around the world, are generally very nice, participate in trading of pens with other members, and are willing to help new members learn fundamentals and tricks.

In October 15, 2005, Kam officially closed down UPSB, and will open UPSB again once it has finished upgrading to the new and improved UPSB version 3.
UPSB and Pendolsa are the two largest pen spinning communities in the world.
by Penbiks September 06, 2006
Try this little test, and see if you can figure out the word that I am thinking of based on these three clues:

1. It is a four letter word.
2. It is a term for a woman.
3. It ends in the letters U-N-T.
If the first word that came to your mind wasn't "aunt", then you have a dirty mind.
by Penbiks November 18, 2007
Brought litigation against a government official.
They were using improper procedure, so we sudafed.
by Penbiks July 21, 2007

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