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A reaction of surprise so intense that you choke on your drink, spewing liquid out of various orifices (and usually upon your computer screen/keyboard).
"Bro! Don't talk in Fluttershy voice while I'm drinking!"

"Sorry for the coffee snort, man."
#choke #spew #surprise #startle #gag
by Pen Dragon May 03, 2013
A nosy neighbor who does not want to be caught spying. The person who wants to know everything that happens on the block. Seen in practically every neighborhood, and every movie depicting a neighborhood.
As I walked down the street, I had the eerie feeling that I was being watched. Must have been a window phantom.
#nosy neighbor #snoop #recluse #gossip #biddy
by Pen Dragon March 31, 2013
A huge pile of dirty snow in a parking lot that has remained throughout several thaws and snowfalls.
We've had a week of fifty-degree weather! Why are we still seeing urban glaciers?
#ice #snow #slush #freeze #winter
by Pen Dragon March 31, 2013
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