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The life-blood of 21st century social media, yet the bane of any respectable social media user.

Share at home moms represent the 1% of the internet that actually click the buttons that Facebook, Twitter and Youtube want you to click. They are the compulsive sharers, likers and awkward commenters on your favorite social media sites that degrade and corrupt our walls, news feeds and carefully planned social media presence.

Unlike the regular, hard-working, barely employed, Gen-Y internet users that represent today's 99%, the share at home moms are so rich with internet access and social media usage that they bring down the social (media) fabric we have worked so hard to create.
Remember that time you tried to post something really cool or funny on your Facebook page, then your mom or your friend's mom swooped in with a cheesy comment that essentially ruined what you were trying to do?

Share at Home Mom.

Every wonder why brands like Clorox Bleach and Tide detergent have so many followers? Why would somebody click "like" on these boring company pages?

Share at Home Mom.

Inundated with agonizingly cheesy chain emails urging you to forward some idiotic story to all your friends?

Share at Home Mom.
by Pelowtz November 30, 2011

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