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Means, a force to be reckoned with, or some imminent event that will bring forth much rewards.
That Jack and Jane, they are fuckin' deadly in scotland, like a haggis holocaust.
by Pehlte April 19, 2006
"Haw" appeared in an episode of Lexx as a means of communication to the bridge crew from an alien intruder. It has been since co-opted in Kelowna, British Columbia by Bill and Philly whenever they sarcastically or otherwise affirm the absurd or painfully obvious. Deriviative of hot.
"I think I'll have a third kid"

by Pehlte February 13, 2005
PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect). I don't know about the peace, but the Love, Unity, and Respect is conditional. You'll only get those three if you are a) Under 20, b) Strung out on opiates, amphetamines, designer drugs, c) Follow the strict dress code of skimpy 'ironic' shirts, and huge ass pants. Otherwise, a waste of time and bears no similarity to real raves from 1985-1991.
Those ravers think music didn't exist before 1997.
by Pehlte September 02, 2003
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